Berean Bible Church

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Nestled in rural Upstate New York, Berean Bible Church is a tight-knit congregation of individuals from all walks of life who come together each week to worship and fellowship.


Berean struggled with a visual discord as their previous logo, modern and sterile, failed to convey the family-like nature of the small and traditional congregation.

Even worse, a surge in commercial development was overshadowing the church's rural property, diminishing local awareness. There was a need for a new visual identity to serve as a vibrant reminder of their presence, vitality, and warmth.


The new logo features an open Bible, honoring the congregation's commitment to Scriptures, like their biblical namesake in Acts 17:11. The conservative color palette adds warmth, reflecting the church's welcoming nature.

New signage reinforces a cohesive visual brand, broadening their presence in the community, while the updated website serves as a resource for visitors and members alike.

Since implementation, the church has seen growth in attendance—and in turn, in spirit.

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